Kawasaki Ninja 250 Single-Cylinder Will be Launch On February, 14 2014

sl main.jpeg

A big step will be realized by Kawasaki. . . After The First Successor Ninja 250 Parralel Twin Cylinder, Now Kawasaki will be Prepared for launch a New Ninja 250 Single Cylinder on February 14 2014 in Indonesia . . .

sl 1.jpeg
sl 2.jpeg
Spy Pic of New Ninja

Since last December 2013, The rumors about New Ninja 250 Single-Cylinder has gotten a huge animo from Indonesian Bikers. . . With a little help of spy picture, , We can clearly get a little clue that The New Ninja will be Use a 250cc Single-Cylinder Engine . . . It has also revealed that New Ninja still use the aggressive Base Design of Ninja 250/300FI Parallel-Twin. . . but The New Ninja will come with Single Headlamp like New 2-Stroke Ninja 150 RR or Old Ninja 250R (New Ninja 250/300FI Use Dual Headlamp) and also With a new Trellis Frame. . .

sl frame.jpeg
New Ninja 250 Single-Cyl Trellis Frame

The New Ninja will come with 4 different Type :
1. Ninja 250 RR Mono STD
2. Ninja 250 RR Mono ABS
3. Ninja 250 SL
4. Naked Version of New Ninja 250

So how much it’s Cost ? Yeah, The Rumors said that New Ninja 250 RR Mono will be estimated at 40 – 45.000.000 Rupiah’s (IDR) or $ 3100 – 3500 (USD) . . . With Their 250cc Single-Cyl Engine, Kawasaki seems to be brought us a fair batttle in 250cc Single-Cyl class against the Honda CBR250R In Indonesia. . . More about it, Kawasaki rumoured to use a basic engine of Their Dual-Purpose Bike, KLX250 on Ninja 250 Single-Cyl (Wow its clearly head to head with CBR250R). . . So, With their New Product, Will Kawasaki beat the Honda CBR250R in Global Market including Indonesia ? ? Tell me about Your Opinion in the Comment Box Below…

sl frame.jpeg
KLX250 Engine,,, Will Kawasaki use this Engine ?

This is my First time, I write an article in English. . . So, I’m Sorry if my grammar is very bad. . . I hope you can understand and I also hope you can help to teach me English. . . Thank you for your attention…. See You in the Next Article

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